Well doesn’t hurt to keep track of a journey to try to become an author of paranormal romance so here’s to the beginning. My quest began five years ago when I read “Twilight” and thought I could so do that. Yeah, I know …what was I thinking. But instead of just diving in to write, I wanted to know what was out there.

So I have spent every free moment and endless dollars reading all I could get my hands on as far as paranormal romance books. Let me just say that if you love this particular genre, you must be as frustrated as I am trying to find new authors. I quickly found you have to look in horror, sci-fi, romance, and yes, just general fiction to find these books. I have a feeling that a number of authors are lost in categories that they truly don’t belong in.

Anyway, I am finally satisfied that my work will be unique since I’ve read at least 150 different authors not to mention countless books and my ideas aren’t out there. I will have four different series with three books in each starting out as well as three books that just are fluff. I have submitted some short stories but no luck yet.
My father was a poet so I am familiar to the rejection game. I love what I’m writing so it doesn’t bother me if it never gets to print. It fulfills a promise I made years ago to write one book, not to mention, it is what my college degree was meant for so here goes nothing.
The one thing that terrifies me are the possible rough shape these pages will be in.  Editing is not a strong suit of mine. I can read and re-read these pages skimming over the same error time and time again.  Plus apparently not writing much since college has left me lacking in the grammar department.  So I please ask for your patience and tolerance until I can hire an editor to maintain this blog.  Any takers, please leave a comment and man, will I respond quickly.
To Be Continued…………