So after two years of research, I decided to start writing. Confident that my ideas were unique, I dived in head first into the creative pool. After a week spending every free minute I had writing, I found myself missing the reading. So I decided to split the time up between the two.
After a year, I was astonished to find I had completed five books. To me, they were rough drafts but still I was stoked. Thinking of creating three different series, I was well on my way.
Unfortunately, I submitted the first three books of my demon series to a couple of publishers and agents. Despite a few reject letters, I signed with an agent. From that came an offer for a five-year contract.
Let me just say it was one of the most life altering events I had experienced so far. Raped, disgusted, jaded, repulsed, livid, and disillusioned are the only words to describe what came out of that situation. So I decided not to attempt publishing due to this experience. I would continue to write the books for me.
I was astonished how much I learned about myself from my writing and my research. One of the most interesting discoveries came from reading books by Joey W Hill. I have a strange quirk that once I discover an author I enjoy, I read everything they write. That quirk lead me to the “Nature of Desire” series by Joey W. Hill.
The stories venture into the world of Submission & Domination. I still have yet to understand which initials to use that represent this scene since that gets confusing. Although most of the kink in these novels didn’t appeal to me, the demonstration of clear communication did. It was amazing to see the intimacy develop between the characters in this type of relationship. Crystal clear communication was required in these relationships which not only blossomed in the bedroom, but spread to every aspect of a couples daily interactions. It truly sparked my interest so I did more research in this world. I have a deeper respect for this community as well as saddened for the type of reception these people receive in society today. Mind you, I have no desire to be strapped to a St. Andrew’s cross and whipped into oblivion, but to experience that type of intimacy from their communication skills; Yes, please!!! As well, I discovered a term, switch, which refers to a person that can be both submissive and dominate depending on mood or partner. A light bulb went off in my head. For years, I’ve struggled to understand the true issues that plague my marriage. This one definition helped me understand the problem between my husband and I. There is no solution to our problem which was freeing as well as led to honest discussion between the both of us. We are the best of friends but now understand the issues of our problems. Since we are divorcing now, we understand the nature of our issues and can dissolve the marriage with no hard feeling or bitter regrets. Amazing what one journey to write can do to your life.

To Be Continued………