Once again, I find myself troubled with current issues concerning the treatment of female authors in society today and gender issues overall. A friend of mine sent me a very thought-provoking blog yesterday. This blog discussed the current troubles women in general face in the private & public world. Not wanting to comment without the facts unless I already have a sound grasp on the issue, I did some digging. After reading 15 or so blogs relating to this subject, not to mention author tweets and google searches, I found myself saddened and a little confused.
Striving to be an open-minded person, the old saying, “Never judge a book by its cover”, constantly provokes thoughts of how rampantly this wisdom is ignored. I constantly reign in angry responses when encountering this idiotic way of treating people. How odd to run into this very annoying attitude when discussing gender equality or perhaps that should be expected, right?
Isn’t that the exact problem not only women, but men face today in discussing the rights & freedoms of either in society today? It’s a volatile, passionate issue provoking heated debates causing this pesky saying to rear its ugly head no matter which gender you are or what opinions on the subject you hold. Both sides are guilty of reading between the lines to quickly form judgements on how they feel or react. Anger quickly flares that robs any intelligent person of their reasoning abilities no matter how good you are at controlling your emotions when debating this issue. Hence sometimes we read more into another persons words and jump to conclusions spotting non-existing insults, therefore misunderstanding their original intent due to our passionate opinion. All the blogs I read were very argumentative & defensive regarding their own opinion on this subject. Each had logical points based on fact rather than feeling. Each author made compelling points to sway you towards their logic. Each blogger displayed talented writing. I was astounded to see so many people with such talent. The only thing that grieves me is the lack of tolerance for each other’s differing opinions.
Many years ago, I made my peace with this topic. There is no logical quaint solution and I simply embraced the fact that women and men will always argue equality issues. Oddly enough, you can find a true sense of freedom by being tolerant of the differences and finding wonder in how often we are alike.
Common sense dictates a few facts. Of course I would love equal pay that eludes me in my job. Absolutely I would love to write my novels boldly and not be attack with dated attitudes of sex as well as not having to defend my character simply because I write romantic novels. Who wouldn’t love the stigma of whether you are a “bad” girl or “good” girl in daily conversation with both genders if you happen to engage in flirtation with the opposite sex? The fact is we judge books by their covers/words/actions everyday which leads to an empasse in this debate. If you are judgemental, how can you be open-minded in this area of discussing gender equality to come to a mutual agreement that would bring these issues to a satisfactory conclusion.
On this equality issues, isn’t it disturbing that women often are quicker to judge each other than men? We scream for equal treatment then turn on each other for our actions in public or private. We demand the equal right of salary compensation, but when one of us achieves that very thing, the standard comment comes forth from us that she slept her way to the top. We rejoice in other women’s achievements in society, but we quickly tear them down with their personal lives if we get the opportunity. Is anything really going to change for women if we can’t even demonstrate the ability to be less judgemental among ourselves and more supportive overall as well? Why should men be evolved in their attitudes regarding women when women are just as guilty to quickly add a stereotypical title to one of our own?
I don’t believe that will ever change despite empathetic supporters of women’s rights and freedoms or intolerant bigots determined to undermine all women have accomplished over the years. So all I can do as a woman is patiently wait for attitudes to evolve and embrace all covers to really read what’s inside. You miss the best part if you can’t get past the cover.
Of course, I don’t think I expressed this as well as the others but I am a simple country girl and adore all those colorful covers.