Welcome to the twisted, warped, sarcastic and possibly offensive world of K. L. Phipps mind. Being a daily resident of this world, I would be able to guide you through it. However, if you notice a key word in this blog’s title, I let you discover it on your own.
Few words of wisdom before diving into this pool of creative thought. If you are easily offended by any of the following:

  1. profanity
  2. Β sexual explicit stories
  3. completely unpolitical correct opinions
  4. open-minded ideas that buck main-stream society rules

Be advised that this site is not for you. Thank you for visiting, but do us both a favor by refraining to venture into the alleys of my mind. There be dragons beyond this post should be warning enough. If you ignore my warning due to sheer curiosity, well just don’t leave a comment that the Cheshire cat will have fun with.

Also be advised that this site is unpolished, therefore may contain errors of all kinds which irritates the author to no end. Trust me when I say I truly suck at editing, but fuck it.Β  Here goes anyway.Β  If you do find errors, please feel free to comment since the author would greatly appreciate help.

If you are coming from the twitter world, then you will understand that my muse will be appearing in any replies you might leave. If you are not, my muse & latest book character is a pesky but polite fairy mistress with a sarcastic humor that can be quite provocative. Or is that me, I can’t keep up these days.
So enjoy traveling down these cobble stepped paths of literary stones. Β  If you get lost, don’t say I didn’t warn you.