It was a normal sunny spring day as Violet fluttered in the sky through a typical neighborhood. Spotting a particularly nice shady mushroom just the right size for her in the lawn on the left side of a house, she plunked down to rest a bit. It had been a long day of opening all the spring blooms in the nearby park and she was wiped. She put her hands behind her head as she lay down and she looked around to take in her surroundings. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a crack in a basement window with the sounds of a person typing on a keyboard which caught her attention. Being a naturally curious fairy, Violet decided to fly in & take a peek.

As soon as she flew through the crack, she noticed a bookshelf where she could sit covertly. The bookshelf was a perfect spot to see what the man was typing on his computer. Landing safely on a spine of one of the smaller books, she sat down crossed her tiny legs.  Placing her hands behind her, she leaned back to watch this man. She glanced around to see a dimly lit room with a concrete floor. On a nightstand, a Victorian table lamp cast some light on a black bedspread that rested on the bed. She turned to look at the window and noticed a cherry wood armoire open with clothes in it.  Her gaze return to the man sitting in a black computer chair with his elbows propped on the top of a cherry wood rollback desk. His computer flat screen reflected a small amount of light revealing his face. Left of the screen stood a gray computer tower. Violet noticed a stack of books on the other side of the tower. A pile of papers rested on top of the books.

Her gaze returned to the man typing at the desk. Violet was an older fairy who had the ability to completely transform to human form anytime she wished. Thanks to this ability, she could see what he was typing even though she was not close to his screen. She noticed he was online typing responses in a twitter program. Squinting her eyes, she caught his handle and  quickly pulled her iPhone out. Since the things she acquired when in human form would shrink to fairy size, she had a iPhone. A real benefit she was delighted to find recently. She loved tweeting with humans and often would sit for hours tweeting with fiction writers. Discovering new talented, unpublished authors to pester and encourage tickled her completely. Quickly she loaded up her app and immediately sent a comment.

Violet typed, ‘@violetwings @drogue @kmcgregor Not to butt in, but had that problem myself. I do save those though. Sometimes you regret deleting anything.’

She had scrolled through comments quickly to grasp the conversation to form this response. They were discussing deleting material from their novels.

She hit send and looked up to see what he would type. He was a young man with short brown wavy hair barely brushing the collar of his shirt. She noticed the streaks of gold in it as lone ray of sunshine hit the back of his head. He sat still as if caught in his thoughts. He jumped when the computer ding at him alerting him to a new response. She watched with fascination as a sly grin appeared on his face which reflected on his computer screen. His fingers quickly typed in his reply.

‘@violetwings Butting in is perfectly acceptable. And thanks for the advice, I’ll save from now on! So you write too?’, he typed quickly.

Violet couldn’t resist flying closer to land on the desk ducking behind the stack of books. It gave her a perfect view of his face for his reactions, yet she could still remain hidden from his view.

‘@violetwings @drogue1 Yes, paranormal romance’, she answered.

She had in fact written books ever since she started interacting with humans. She had discovered a vampire love story left at the base of the tree she lived in. After reading it, she wrote stories releasing all her longings and fantasies of finding love. Violet glanced up and peered around the books when she heard the ding signaling her response.

She watched as smile appeared on his face. Violet couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was.  Strong, chiseled jaw with full lips were obvious but her gaze kept returning to his sparkling brown eyes.

‘@violetwings @drogue1 That’s awesome! Are you published? I’m writing fantasy right now, and no, I’m not published.. yet’, a frustrated sigh escaped from him as his fingers stilled.

He turned to look at the top of the stack of books, his eyes resting on the bundle of papers. Violet rushed quickly behind so he wouldn’t see her. She glance down to her phone reading his reply and cringed.

Violet had been pleased and excited a few years ago when she was approached online by a literary agent. He had asked to represent her and set up a meeting with a small publishing company. Violet had never told anyone all the details of those three days. She only recently had decided to start a blog to discuss her creative journey with her books.

She had briefly touched on this experience in one of the blogs, so she typed, ‘@violetwings @drogue Read second part. It will explain’, including the link to her web blog, she sent it.

She peered around corner to see him clicking open her web link. He frowned when he got to the part that discussed her experience. He continued to click on another one of her blogs. As he read, she watched the range of emotions cross his face. At points he would startle her with his laughter. Her breath would catch when she saw his lips form a sly grin.

Deciding she couldn’t take anymore, her fingers rushed to type a reply, ‘@violetwings @drogue1 Was it that bad? Lol.’  Violet peeked quickly to see him look over at her reply.

“Oh crap,” he said furiously typing since he realized he hadn’t sent an answer & she had been waiting on him.

“@violetwings @drogue1 Of course it wasn’t bad! I think it’s pretty good, actually!”, he replied.

Violet saw worry in his eyes so quickly replied, “@violetwings @drogue1 thanks!!!! *tiny hand blows kiss to you* I appreciate that!!”

She tilted her head as she placed her hand under her lips and blew a kiss aimed at his lips. She smiled the second she heard his chuckle to her response.

Mischief appeared in his glinting eyes as he typed, ‘@drogue1 @violetwings Yeah, it’s nice when people tell you your stuff’s good! *pick up kiss and get it to cheek*.’

Violet couldn’t help look up after she read his reply to see him with a satisfied grin. Violet reached in her pocket & threw her hand up at the papers above her head. She watched the sparkling dust land on his novel. The next time he would touch it, inspirational ideas would instantly travel from his fingers to his mind helping him solve his difficult scenes.

Violet quickly typed, ‘@violetwings @drogue You’re a sweetie *tiny wink & sprinkles inspirational dust on you*.’

She looked around only to be frozen as a truly stunning smile appeared on his face as he read her reply.

He lowered his head quickly typing, ‘@violetwings @drogue1 Thanks! Though I’ll save the inspirational dust for later. Right now, I’m doing quite well on my own! When I need it, I’ll use it,’ as his smile transformed into a frown.

He shook his head & a frustrated sign escaped him. Violet almost forgot to slide back behind the books before he glanced back at his novel.  Violet look down at her phone and read his reply. She shook her head. She never quite understood why new writers were so hard on themselves. She discovered through reading many tweets and blogs how often writers would cut themselves short. When she glanced up, she realized he was engrossed in a conversation with someone else. Since her handle was in each tweet, an evil grin appeared on her face & she decided to jump in. He was talking with a girl about reading her mind & getting her to come to his lab.

‘@violetwings @drogue1@glarken Reading minds…lab???? *tiny eyebrow raised* must be useful for a writer & a guy!!’, she typed chuckling to herself.

She smiled when she heard his deep chuckle.

‘@drogue1 @violetwings I have it in my basement, and I go down at night when everyone else is asleep! Pretty useful, yes. And awesome too!’, he replied.

He sat back in his chair grinning with one raised eyebrow. She knew he was wondering what her response would be as she studied him.

Quickly, she replied, ‘@drogue1 @violetwings Hmmm … Basement… Lab. *waggled eyebrows* secret dungeon maybe.’

She shook her head when she peered back to him. He waggled his eyebrows and cracked his knuckles before typing.

‘@drogue @violetwings Oh, yeah, forgot about that… but it’s hidden behind my secret shelf, so not many people now about it,” he replied making a creepy sound before laughing.

Quickly, violet typed in her phone teasing him,”@drogue1 @violetwings with *cough* special toys too right? *wink* lol like those rooms,” shaking with giggles as she replied.

She wondered if he be shocked by her response. She never did grasp the concept of sexual etiquette with humans. They were easily offended by her flirtations so she assumed humans were never comfortable with their sensuality. Although Violet was understanding of this fact, she sensed most humans longed for more as she did. Her phone dinged, bringing her out of thoughts. Her breath caught as she read his response.

‘@drogue1 Yes, of course. I have pretty much everything you can think of hidden in there , lol!,’ he replied with a sexy grin on his face.

He blew his breathe out and shifted in the chair. Violet sucked in a breath seeing why he was shifting.  As her phone ding, alerting her to his message, she found she couldn’t take her eyes away from his bulge prominently displayed in his jeans.

To Be Continued…….