Apollo walked down the street at a slow gliding pace enjoying the coolness of the evening. As he reached his house, he noticed a man leaning up against his front door. He was dressed in a tux with dark sunglasses that shaded his eyes. Although he was very gorgeous, he had a look of sheer danger to him. This tall, muscular, tan, bald man with a healthy build grinned as Apollo approached the door.

“My Mistress sends her greetings to you,” he said in a sultry voice. “She has requested your presence this evening and I am required to take you to her. Would you like to prepare for her first or are you ready to go,” he said with a deep chuckle.

”Mistress,” Apollo said questioning with a curious grin.

“You requested to meet her a few days ago. She is now ready for you,” he calmly responded.

“I am sorry, but I don’t recall ever requesting a Mistress. You, on the other hand, I would request often,” as Apollo stepped closer to him.

“My Mistress warned me of your charm. I am ready to help prepare you for her if you so wish. It is why she sent me to retrieve you,” he said as he moved into your body lowering his mouth closer to yours.

“Hmmm….yes, I think I would like that very much,” replied Apollo as he grabbed the back of the man’s neck to pull him into a deep kiss. Apollo shoved him back into the wall. Apollo felt the man’s aroused cock press into his hip and groaned into his mouth as the man’s hands pressed Apollo closer into him. The man moved his hands to grip Apollo’s ass, pushing Apollo further into him as he deepen the kiss. Apollo pulled back from the kiss to catch his breath. The man reached down to stoke Apollo’s hard cock, wrestling a groan from him.

“I am very skilled on my knees sir. Shall I prove it,” he says with a wicked glint in his eyes’.

“Yes, that sounds delicious pet,” Apollo said with a smile as he opened the door to welcome him in. Apollo caressed his ass as he walked by, chuckling as the man moaned. Grabbing his waist, Apollo pushed him against the wall to kiss him deeply again, grinding his cock against the man’s hip as the man mimicked the same. His kiss intoxicated Apollo as he lost himself to the feel of this man’s tongue against his. The deeper the kiss went, the more Apollo felt as the man rubbed harder against Apollo’s hard cock. Apollo stepped away from him to unbutton his pants.  The man grinned back as he started to strip as well.

“Fuck, suck me now,” Apollo moaned as the man shredded the last piece of clothing. The man dropped to his knees to engulf Apollo’s hard cock in his mouth.  Apollo’s head threw back with a deep moan escaping his lips. The man deep throated his cock as pleasure shot straight up along Apollo’s spine. Apollo put his hands on the man’s head, shoving him at just the right pace, moaning louder as Apollo realized he was close to orgasm. The pressure of his mouth on Apollo’s cock as the man’s finger circled his rosette was overwhelming Apollo. He felt himself getting ready to explode into his mouth as he grunted.

“Ah, I see Samson is serving you well, my friend,” a female voice spoke from behind Apollo as a hand wrapped around to squeeze his nipple causes Apollo to scream. He felt her move up closer as she shoved her finger in his ass, wrenching a deeper orgasm from him. Apollo leaned his head against her shoulder.

He felt her soft breasts against his back as she whispered in his ear, “I knew you would like him. He is very good at what he does, aren’t you my pet,” she chuckled as she reached for Samson’s hand.

Samson stepped away from Apollo and took her hand to kiss the top of it. Samson looked back to Apollo as he smiled and licked his lips.

“He is very tasty Mistress, but I did not have time to taste his ass. Might I be able to do so later perhaps,” he asked softly with his head down.

“Yes, my pet. I think that could be arranged. Now, help me get him to the couch. He appears to be a little out of sorts at the moment,” she chuckled as she pulled Apollo against her while Samson grabbed his feet.

“What…uh…who the fuck are you,” Apollo yelled as Samson lifted his feet which caused him to fall into her hands.

“Your sweet Mistress, darling. Have you forgotten me so soon? You requested that I write you a scene, remember love? Rather than write it, I thought I would create a real scene. You don’t mind, do you sugar,” she answered as she laughed.

“Kayln, is that you,” Apollo asked as he tried to look up to see her face.

“In the flesh, sweetheart. Oh, look Samson, he doesn’t even look worried now,” she said as she chuckled. Samson cradled Apollo in his arms. He turned away, carrying Apollo to the couch. Apollo heard her heels clicking behind him. He struggled to move his head so he could see her, but Samson blocked his view. As he set Apollo down on the couch, he felt her behind him as a silk scarf robbed him of any vision. He struggled to move his hands and attempted to get up, but Samson had him pinned.

“Ah, there is the fear now. That’s what I like to see. Don’t worry, sweetheart. I will take good care of you as I promised,” she whispered in his ear as she tied the scarf securely around the back of his head.  He felt his hands being tied with rope as well as his ankles, securing him to the couch.

“Now, you won’t know if it’s me or Samson fondling you, touching you, licking you, or fucking you, will you dear? I knew that would be the only way to get you to submit to me. And you do want to submit to me, don’t you dear,” she whispered as Apollo groaned. He felt the touch his spent cock. His breathe caught as he felt lips graze his throat and continued down to his left nipple. He moaned as he felt another hand reach under to caress his butt. He groaned as the finger dipped in to circle lightly which always caused him to lose control. He couldn’t tell whose hands were on him or who was touching what. He began to buck his hips from the pleasure those hands were causing. A loud moan escaped him as he felt a wet, warm, hand wrap around his cock. A long, tight stoke that popped the ridge of his head wrenched a deep moan out of him. He felt a finger enter his ass, as the hand pumped faster. Waves of pleasure started to bombard Apollo. His moans grew louder as he felt a warm, wet lick on his asshole then gasp as the tongue dove deep into it. The wet, hard tongue delved back and forth as Apollo tried to raise his ass further to get that tongue deeper. A jerk of his cock wrenched a scream from him that caused his balls to cinch up. Apollo was close to orgasm again.

“Well, Samson, my pet, what would you like to do with him now that he is back to life. This is your treat, my dear. Tell your Mistress what you want, pet,” Apollo heard her say in front of him. All the touching stopped immediately which caused him to groan.

“Please….Mistress, don’t stop,” Apollo cried as he struggled to feel the pleasure those hands and mouth were creating.

“Begging already, dear. Surely not yet. I imagined you being so much tougher darling. Remember, you said you didn’t know if you could submit to me or had you forgotten that little fact,” she said as he felt a hand squeeze his balls hard. Apollo screamed as she laughed in his ear.

“We are done here, Samson. You may untie him after I leave but no more contact, understood. It’s been a pleasure dear, but you begged too soon. Had you held out a bit longer perhaps I would have ridden you, but for now you will have to just imagine it. I will be in touch soon. Perhaps you will remember how easily you submitted to me and what a pleasure it was to do so, hmmm….,”Apollo heard her say as her voice grew more distant.

“Mistress, wait, please. One question, if I may be so bold,” Apollo struggled to say.

“Yes, dear. What is it,” she answered slowly with a chuckle.

“Why me, mistress? Why did you pick me for such a pleasurable encounter when you didn’t receive any yourself,” Apollo replied smugly with a grin. He  heard the clicking of her heels as she walked closer. Suddenly, a hand grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. He felt hot breath on his ear, but was unable to turn his head.

“You presented a challenge, my dear. I proved I was correct. You would submit easily and quickly. If you wish to experience pleasure with me alone, that can be arranged. However, I don’t believe you want that, do you, my dear? I will send Samson back someday soon for your answer. For now, enjoy this much,” as she slid down on Apollo’s hard cock, engulfing it in her heat.

She moved slowly, pumping up and down, drenching him in her wet, moist juices until he felt it run down his balls. Apollo’s head threw back as he exploded within her, moaning as he felt her walls tighten on his cock.

“Very good, dear. I will be in touch,” she said as he felt her lift up and heard her heels click out of range again.  Apollo felt the restraints fall away, but he still couldn’t lift a muscle. He heard the door open and shut, but was still paralyzed by the pleasure. Apollo wondered when he would be visited by this beautiful seductress again.