This is a chapter from “Fairy Whipped.” I don’t want to confuse anyone, so here a couple of spoilers you will need. Adrianna is an outcast fairy. Adrianna’s parents were killed in the fairy wars a few months after she was born. Fairy culture is very similar to humanity since most fairies have the ability to switch to human form at any given time. Adrianna was raised in a fairy orphanage where she meet her life long friend, Kandella. Since both were in trouble constantly, they decided to leave their tribe and venture out into the woods to stake their own claim. Along the way, they run into Sebastian, who becomes very important to Adrianna. He helps them to establish a small territory and invites them to participate in his business, a supernatural dsm club.

This scene occurs after Adrianna has completed all of her Mistress training. Diamond is a dungeon master at the club. He participates in the training of all new members. In order to graduate into full membership, Adrianna must prove her skill to him in a scene between the two of them.

This should be enough info to understand this scene. Still adding to it as usual but wanted to release a teaser for now. Enjoy, I hope.

Chapter 6

Adrianna pulled the zipper up on her black thigh high boots. She slowly straightens up to check herself in the mirror wall. She was grateful her first session was in one of the club’s private rooms. She wasn’t nervous despite this being her first session alone. This was the moment of truth. Her graduation into the club as a full mistress. She knew she was ready as she walked to the wall on the far right. All of the whips, floggers, and toys she would use were on the wall.  In the center of the room, the whipping bench was displayed. A beautiful piece of carved mahogany wood with a soft leather cushioned top.  Adrianna thought it look like a tall ottoman with wicked intentions.  Cuffs were attached on ever side of top and on the front legs. She caressed the top of the leather forming a plan of what the scene would be. She grinned as she walked over to grab her whip in preparation of his arrival.  Of course her favorite was missing. She shook her head knowing exactly who had taken it before she heard his whistle.

“Wow, doll, you are lethal in that outfit”, Diamond said. Leaning on the door jamb  with a sexy smirk, he flicked her whip back and forth in his hand.

“You do realize I am supposed to be in charge, right smart ass?”, she replied walking towards him. She smiled with a raised eyebrow knowing he was going to be the ultimate challenge. Despite Diamond’s outward appearance of being dominate, she had watched him in the training session. He eventually would submit fully to each mistress. She never chose to be part of the lessons since she wouldn’t be able to hide her attraction to him. They both had skitter around each other for weeks. Trading flirtatious innuendos, watching each others movements with hungry, glinting eyes. Adrianna’s pulse quicken as she moved to stand in front of him.

“Oh I want you in charge doll. No worries there,” replying while handing her the whip. His smile slowly faded as his gray eyes went silver. Her breath caught seeing his desire for her. She slowly ran her fingernails across his knuckles as she took the whip from him.

“You, my friend, are early and irritating”, she replied with a smirk. She lowered her hand along the tails of the whip to rest along her right thigh.

“Nah, love. Just eager and excited,” he said as he stepped closer to her. His breath brushed her lips as he titled his head to whisper, “One kiss first, my mistress before we begin,” asking in a gruff voice.

She drew closer still to him, pressing him into the door jamb. She raised her head. Keeping her eyes locked with his,she moved her mouth a slight touch away from his to whisper, “No, now strip and go to the center. Wait for me there,” Adrianna replied.

His eyes went wide as he gasped, “Yes Mistress.”

Head lowered, he walk to the center where the whipping bench sat. Adrianna watched with bated breath as he slowly removed his clothes. She hoped he wouldn’t challenge her. She knew at some point he would try.  All during her training, she had watched him with numerous mistresses. He was always testing them; defying them; only giving into the scene when the torture had finally forced him to submit.  She had paid close attention to the mistakes each mistress had made with him.  Because of his gruff manner and aggressive stance, all of them assumed he needed to be broken through various means of pain.  She watched him respond to the touches following the torture.  This fact is why he was so appealing to her. Explaining this fact of her preference to Sebastian of why she hadn’t wanted to participate fully in all of the activities, he allowed her to choose her title, the Gentle Mistress.  Sebastian was equally surprised to find many of his members anticipating her graduation with eagerness by flooding him with requests for her immediately after her graduation.

Slowly striding over to him, clicking her heel boots as she walked, she grinned watching him flinch with every sound. Her confidence soared seeing him so affected already. Before she reached him, she stopped.

“Turn and face the bench with your ankles facing the cuffs. And don’t make me repeat myself. Be sure to address me properly after every one of my commands as well. The slightest hesitation or disobedience will result in a complete halt of all activity. As well, I have no issue leaving you here, cuffed to think on your behavior,” she ordered with venom in her voice.

She held her breath as he turned to face the bench, stretching his legs. He kept his head down so she could barely see the expression on his face.

“Yes, my mistress,” he replied in a shaky tone.

She untied the scarf from her wrist as she walked up behind him. Pressing him into the bench, she whispered close to his ear,”Do I have to go over rules with you, dear? Or are you eager to get on with it, old friend?”, she asked gruffly.

“No, my mistress. You may begin,” as his tone became sarcastic.

She grabbed his throat with one hand, pulling his head back far enough to meet her gaze as her other hand grabbed his cock to squeeze firmly. Standing at an angle, she knew she could hold him in this position for sometime. She also knew it was important he understood her psychical ability to do so. Most understatement her strength which always was to her advantage. Adrianna had studied various styles of combat over the years in order to protect Kandella as well as herself. She lifted three times her weight daily to provide the necessary upper body strength that was always hidden under her choice of clothes purposely. Most would see a delicate beauty, but few knew just how deadly she really was.

“You will not use that tone with me ever, understood? I will not tolerate it period. I give two shits that this is a test. I demand your obedience and respect or I will not proceed, old friend,” she hissed through clenched teeth meeting his wide-open shocked eyes as his mouth let out a small gasp.

“Yes, my mistress. Forgive me, please,” he replied with strained breath as his eyes flamed.

“I will forgive this one incident only, understood?,” she replied in an even, calm tone as her hand gently caressed his cock. She smiled as heard a small moan come from his lips as his eyes closed.

To be continued…..