Upon hearing his Mistress’s voice, Sebastian crawled into the room on his hands and knees. Sebastian was a fine specimen of Jamaican descent, well-built with a plump ass resembling two brown cantaloupes.

“Stand up Sebastian! Let you Mistress inspect you”, Mistress commanded.  Sebastian jumped up, revealing the chastity cage he has worn for over a month. Mistress circled Sebastian caressing his body with her riding crop.

“Mmmm, that is a fine body, wouldn’t you agree slave?” she replied huskily.

“Yes, Mistress, a very fine body”, slave replied while still balancing himself on the soles of feet still slightly suspended.

“Awe Sebastian, you’re still in your cage. Are you ready for your treat tonight?” she purred stroking the edges of his cage, barely touching his growing cock.  Sebastian nodded his head several times, unable to speak with his ball gag attached.

“How about you slut? Are you ready for your treat tonight too?” she remarked looking over at slave.

“Yes, Mistress, very much, thank you!” he replied.

“Looks like everyone is going to get a treat, Mistress is feeling very generous tonight”, she chuckled.  Mistress walked to the counter to grab the chastity key and sensual oil.

 “It is time we release that fine cock of yours Sebastian” Mistress unlocked the holding ring and slipped the cage off his cock. It was growing instantly, being free after a month in captivity. Mistress rubbed the oil over his entire body caressing the curves of his muscular ass and working her way to his groin area.

“Mmmm…Are we getting excited Sebastian? So is your Mistress”

Mistress quickly gave his cock several hard slaps with Sebastian groaned in pain and pleasure.

“Is this what you have waited for?” she replied. He nodded still groaning. “GOOD BOY” she said and continued to slap his cock harder and harder with a devilish grin.

 “MMMM…I love torturing my two cocks!” as she continued slapping his cock. Mistress stood Sebastian next to slave who was also getting hard witnessing Sebastian’s torture. “Now I have my two cocks to play with! My black and white cocks!” she said with excitement and started using both her hands to slap both cocks in a smooth rhythm not missing a beat.

Both of them were groanedin unison, as she laughed pleased with her talent. Mistress continued to slap each cock in succession, her eyes lighting up in sadistic pleasure as the cocks were getting beat red. She stopped momentarily to softly stroke both cocks while gazing into their eyes.

“Your Mistress did promise both of you a treat tonight. Sebastian is free for tonight. Let’s make the most of his temporary freedom.”

Mistress grabbed a tube of fire engine red lipstick from the counter and stood facing slave. She stood close enough for his hardened cock to slide in between her thighs.

 “My, my slave! Is my little, cock-sucking whore getting excited? Look at that cock of yours getting hard!” she whispered glancing at his nipples.

Mistress softly caressed his nipples while whispering into his ear, “you love your Mistress? Do you want to please your Mistress tonight? Then I want you to be a good little cock-sucking whore.  Just like I trained you to be. But first we need to get you ready,” she said chuckling.

Mistress applied the lipstick to slave’s lips, his eyes lighting up in anticipation. Mistress held out her index finger toward his lips as he slowly covered her finger with his lips and slowly pulled away.

“Mmmmm…I have trained you well slave! Let’s get you in a better place slave,” she chuckled.

Mistress went across the room to lower the suspending chain. Slave’s body lowered to the floor allowing him to stay on his knees but with his arms still extended over his head.

“Mmm…slave is in the perfect position…look at my little whore…ready to please his Mistress” she purred. She positioned Sebastian to stand in front of slave. Sebastian’s cock was just out of reach of slave’s rosy red lips.

“Come on my little slut, you know what to do. Get Sebastian’s cock ready for you! I want that cock nice and hard to pound that sweet ass of yours!”

Slave struggled but extended his neck to slowly caress his growing cock with his tongue, slowly licking up and down his shaft before covering half of his cock in his mouth. Slave was moaning like a little whore satisfied that he had a cock to suck and pleasing his Mistress. Sebastian reeled his head back in pleasure while Mistress grabbed her paddle.

“Oh, I think we can do better than that Sebastian!” she said as she whacked his ass with the paddle.

The impact made Sebastian thrust his hips forward forcing his cock deeper into slave throat. Slave made a choking sound as Mistress became very excited.

 “That’s more like it…I want you to (whack) fuck that sweet (whack) whore’s mouth and (whack) make him gag (whack) on that huge (whack) cock of yours,” she grunted with every impact of the paddle.

 Sebastian groaned from the stings of the paddle while slave moaning and gagging on his cock. Both Sebastian and slave were getting very excited, and Mistress stopped to see her creation glistening under the candlelight’s with beautiful contrasting colors. Slave could taste a little pre-cum forming on Sebastian’s cock, and he stopped momentarily to continue licking his shaft up and down.

Mistress walked over and grabbed slave’s hair forcing his head back.

“That’s enough my greedy little slut! Let’s not get Sebastian TOO excited. He has another job to do for his Mistress,” she commanded. Mistress placed a condom on the head of Sebastian’s cock.

“You know what to do slave,” she barked out.

Slave proceeded to use his mouth to apply the condom to the rest of his cock. Mistress walked back across the room to raise the suspending chain. Slave slowly raised up to his original position but with his feet flat on the floor. Mistress positioned Sebastian to be directly behind slave and his still-burning red/purple ass. Sebastian’s cock was still very hard and resting between the ass cheeks of slave.

“Mmmmm…that is what your Mistress wants to see! Mmmm…God, that turns Mistress on,” she softly said slowly caressing her clit.  Mistress stood in front of slave and applied the nipple clamps.

As she squeezed the nipple clamps on slave, “That’s right, you take that pain for your Mistress and you ride that cock like a good little whore”.

Slave bent over to help force Sebastian’s cock into his ass. It slowly went in with slave letting out a groan. Slave’s hips rocked back and forth fucking himself with Sebastian’s raging hard-on. Sebastian was moaning through his mouth gag while slave was riding his cock. Mistress’s eyes lit up again, and with a sadistic smile continued to pull on the nipple clamps forcing slave to continue to ride his cock.

“Hmmm…I still think we can do better than that,” she said thoughtfully before getting her strap-on from the cabinet. Mistress lubed the huge shaft of the strap-on, “I think we need both asses fucked tonight, what do you think boys?” Mistress stood behind Sebastian and inserted the strap-on dildo straight into his tight ass.

Sebastian let out a loud groan while forcing his cock deeper into slave’s ass. With both hands, Mistress reached around Sebastian’s body and grabbed slave’s nipple clamps.

“Now stay with my rhythm boys,” she commanded.

 As she pulled on slave’s nipple clamps, she thrust her cock into Sebastian.  Sebastian would then be forced to go deeper into slave’s ass. All three were moving in unison in perfect rhythm. Their groans could barely be heard over Mistress’s sadistic laughter as she continued to pound Sebastian’s ass and torture slave’s nipples. She was in sensual sadist heaven!

Mistress sensed that Sebastian was ready to cum and stopped. She pulled Sebastian slowly away from slave and instructed him to stand still. Mistress slipped out of her strap-on and walked toward slave. She stood in front of slave with an evil grin staring into slave’s exhausted eyes.

 “Now slave, your Mistress hasn’t forgotten about you,” she whispered as she inched closer caressing his tortured nipples. Slave’s cock was rubbing into her wet panties.

Mistress pulled on the nipple clamps whispering, “are you ready for your treat now?”, she chuckled.