They eyes locked. His gaze was smoldering, her answer was in a grin. They looked away briefly, turned away, but their eyes returned a shared desire. His face went flush on the return gaze when he noticed the blush upon her face. Striding to the bar with ease, he faces the bartender to order the liquid courage. The corner of his eye keep her in his command. A slight smirk graces his face as he sips his drink noticing her stare. Dipping his tongue purposely, he closes his eyes, the sweetness coats his tongue, he sighs. He opens his eyes, a beautiful vision appears smiling sweetly at him.  His attention strays when a glass of amber liquid appears before him. The bartender smiles, quirks his head towards her, and grins. Picking the glass up, he sips the nectar, a blush appears from the heat of the drink. He takes her hand,  kisses the inside of her damp palm, wonders  if she has a damp patch anywhere else. Leaning into her, inches away from her lips, whispers thank you. Feeling her lips press gently against his, swept away in the pleasant sweetness on their tongues. Hand in hand, they stroll on.