Hitting the end button, Daniel shoved his iPhone in his pocket. Taking a deep breath, he tried to regain his composure while hidden from the party on the balcony. “Jesus, Daniel, are you ever going to be anything but a “Zoodaddy” to your children?,” ran through his thoughts again.

It was useless arguing with her.  She never supported him anyway. She gladly received the fruits of his labor, but constantly bitched about the effort it took. Blowing out his frustration, he turned to walk into the ballroom to return to the party. His breath caught when he saw the woman against the wall. Scanning the room, she was alone, barely dressed, and moaning. He heard the doorknob turn, quickly ducking back out to the balcony. A well dressed man walked straight to the woman.

“I see you obeyed me, Mon Cherie,” the stranger said as he dipped his hand between her legs. Her head arched back, a moan escaping her lips.

“Yes, master,” she groaned arching back again as he leaned in against her to kiss her neck.

Daniel knew he should  give them privacy. Sliding his hand down into his pants, he remained with a grin.