“You know what I want today, pet”, her master exclaimed chuckling deeply.
“No, master. How can I please you today?”, Lisa whispered. She knew he was leaving on his business trip. He would be gone for two days. She dreaded the time away. She hadn’t quite accepted this world or her role in it, but she craved him more everyday.
“You will spend the two days edging, thinking of all I will do to you when I return. You will not orgasm once but you will from one touch of my hand when I return. All right, pet?”, his silky, powerful voice proclaimed.
Lisa gasped as she felt her nipples tighten, her sex clenching, her hand slide down into her pants.
“Yes, master”, she whispered.
“Very good, pet. I will arrive at your door tomorrow night at 8:00 pm sharp. You will be naked, straved, and ready for me, yes? But Lisa, call me if you have trouble. Do you remember how to edge pet?”, he said with tenderness.
“Yes, master, I remember. If I have trouble, I will call. But master, collar or no collar when I greet you?”she ask quietly.
“Nipple clamps only, my sweet pet. Every four hours, you edge as you think of what I will do to you. Be well, my dear pet,”he chuckled as he hung up.