Sipping her beer, kitty sat at the table writing on her laptop, waiting for the local band to start playing at her favorite bar. She had seen the band a couple of times now. She loved to listen to the drummer play as she wrote her erotic stories. Something about his energy inspired her scenes. Being normally very assertive, she was stunned, she had no wish to approach the sexy man. Something about his demeanor caused her pulse to race. Despite his casual attitude & general friendliness she had seen, there was something in his eyes she couldn’t shake. Something unsettling about his gaze towards her that aroused her. Although hidden from his view, she sat at a good spot to watch him play. She had noticed how others in the band had many gifts given to them throughout the night, but no one seemed to notice him. She grinned as she thought of the stuffed hello kitty doll & bra she had left on one of his drums. She knew no one had seen her do it but was curious to see how he would react. Getting an idea, kitty went back to writing. She didn’t realize the drummer was standing behind her. He leaned down to whisper in her ear, “Bad kitty for surprising me!”, he said chuckling in her ear.

Kitty froze & gasped as he kissed the back of her neck. He slipped one hand in her top & the other hand slipped into her hair to pull her head back for a breath stealing kiss. Letting her go with a devilish grin, he whispered in her ear, “That’s all you get for now kitty!,” he said with a grin as he turned and strolled off into the crowd.

Kitty was frozen in place watching as this sexy drummer walked away. She couldn’t take her eyes of him as he slide behind his drum set, preparing to play while the other members adjusted their equipment. Kitty knew her face was flushed, squirming in her chair she couldn’t seem to catch her breath. She felt the power flowing from behind the drums as he played. She felt captured from the smiles he would display as he caught her gaze a few times throughout the show. Finally, the singer announced the band was taking a break as the players started to slide off the stage. Quickly, kitty got up to go to the restroom to try to cool off & regain her composure. As she splashed water on her face, her mind was racing back to the early scene. She had never experienced such arousal at something that should have offended her completely. Yet, she sensed sincerity in his touch despite the tone of reprimand in his voice. Kitty looked up in the mirror, gasping as she saw him standing against the bathroom wall.
“Did I say you could move kitty?,” he said with a grin.

“No….I….I…,” kitty struggled to say something, grabbing the sink.

She couldn’t catch her breath again and felt her pulse racing, she closed her eyes. Kitty heard him move up behind her to stand directly behind her. She felt as if she was going to faint, swaying as he placed his hands on her hips steadying her.

“Where is the fierce kitty now hmmm? You really gonna submit to me kitty? Thought I would have to do so much more to get you to this point!,” chuckling as he trail a finger along the back of her neck causing her to shiver uncontrollably.

“I ….didn’t ….know….,” kitty moaned as her head leaned back to brace against his shoulder, his mouth placing soft kisses along the side of her neck. His hands slowly grazed her body, forcing her to move with him as he guided them closer to the sink.
“I had hoped to play with you for awhile kitty before taking you, but I want you now. Bend over and brace your hands on the sink now, kitty,” he growls deeply with labored breath.

Kitty immediately leaned forward, grabbed the sink with her head hanging down, her eyes closed. She moaned as he reached his hands up under her skirt, exposing her completely with her garter belt straps showing. He growled as he pulled her fast against him, pressing his hardness against her ass.

“Look at me kitty or I stop,” he said forcefully as he rubbed his cock up and down her exposed cheeks, as one hand popped the garter straps laying to the side of her ass. Kitty lifted her head to stare into his eyes as the first orgasm hit, causing her to scream.

“Good kitty!”, he said smiling as he rammed into her wetness. Kitty arched back to scream again as pleasure coursed through her quickly, flooding him as he moved rapidly.

“So good kitty, god you feel so good,” he said through gritted teeth, catching her eyes in the mirror.

His dark gaze held her surprised eyes as she watched him. She couldn’t look away, watching his face transform as he moved quickly. Reacting to his pleasure, kitty began to buck back against him, trying to get him deeper. Moans filled the room as they both screamed at the same time. He pulled out quickly, turned her around, and pushed her down to put his cock in her mouth as he released his seed down her throat. Lost in the moment, her hands flew to steady herself as she swallowed each precious drop, moaning at the taste of this sexy man. Kitty looked up to see him with his head thrown back , growing wet again as his lips parted releasing a grunt, utter peace displaying on his face. Kitty slowly released him to settle back on her knees as his hand lifted her chin. She couldn’t resist returning his smile as he stroked her face.

Sitting straight up in bed, kitty felt the wetness of the sheets. She couldn’t remember the last time she had such a vivid dream. Who was this sexy drummer & since when did she submit to a possible master?

To be continued…….