I sat on the bolder staring into the water. Lost in thought, I didn’t hear you walking up behind me.
“Writing kitty?”, you asked as you chuckled when you saw me jolt upright & gasp.
“Yes, master,” I replied as I immediately slid off the boulder to my knees with my head bowed down. I was too overwhelmed to look up, but desperately wanted to. I felt the damp spot between my legs the second I heard your voice. You walked over until you were directly in front of me. I closed my eyes the second I saw your shoes come into my line of sight.
“Master, may I ask what you are doing here?” I whispered quietly, squirming a bit as I said it. You chuckled as you leaned down to squat in front of me.
“Remember when we started talking kitty, you were utterly convinced you would not make a good sub for me. I decided to finally come to reward you for being such a good kitty. Look up kitten, what do I have in my hand?”, you said with a laughing eyes. I looked up to see a leather collar with rhinestone lining the sides. It was thin but had a long leash attached to it in the back. I looked up at you with confusion in my eyes.
“A collar, master…..are….are, master …what,” I struggled to say as my head hung down. I couldn’t look at you. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I tried to hide the fear. I knew I couldn’t do this. I knew there would be no way in hell you would ever consider it. I struggled to get up to end the game. Shaking as I put my hands in front of me to push up, I felt your hands grasp my waist holding me still. You pushed me to the ground as you secured the collar around my neck, snapping it shut. You stood and yanked the leash causing me to jerk forward as my hands flew to keep me from falling to the ground. I refused to look up at you. I stayed perfectly still on my hands and knees with my head hung forward, eyes shut tight, waiting for you to speak.
“Kitty, I knew you wouldn’t believe this. I am sorry to be so rough but I refuse to listen to this not a good sub crap. I will have you and that is that. So you are going to make you master happy for this gesture right this second, aren’t you kitty?”, you replied in a husky voice as you tugged my leash, forcing me to crawl closer towards you.
Resigned to my fate, I replied,”Yes, master,” as my hands traveled up your thighs. I lifted my head to see you had already pulled yourself out, waiting for me to service you as you demanded.
I slowly leaned in to take you into my mouth as you grab my hair with both hands & shoved yourself down my throat. Growling, you thrust into mouth faster & faster as I try to twirl my tongue & keep suction on your head. My hands fly to your ass to dig my nails in, encouraging you to thrust faster.
“Fuck kitty,” you shout as I reach back to caress your anal star causing you to blow down my throat. You moan as I greedily suck to get every drop. As you release my head, I sink back to my knees with my head bowed.
“Kitty, pet ..are you all right?”, you asked tenderly as you lift my chin.
“Yes, master”, I replied refusing to look in your eyes. Tears roll down my cheeks as I kept my face towards you, but directed my gaze at the sky.
“Kitty, hey, baby, did I hurt you?”, you asked as you quickly drop to your knees grabbing my neck,trying to remove the collar. I reach my hands out to stop you & shake my head.
“No, master, it was simply more than I hope for,” as I raise my tear-stained face to yours, my eyes glowing a soft shade of green jade.
“Oh kitten, you melt my heart,” you replied as you pull me closer to kiss me gently. You pressed me back into the ground to lay on top of me as your kisses grow more intense, wrenching a moan from me. My hips buck as I lose more control, desperate for you.

Sitting up, I awake from the dream wondering if I would ever really meet my dream master for real.

To be continued……..