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Mistress was resting in the other room, sipping her wine and finishing her cigarette contemplating her desires in punishing her slave. Her thoughts went into many directions, but she became centered in what she truly desired. Like a conductor before a performance, she knew how the symphony would sound, but she wanted to allow random, creative innovation since she based it on the chemistry between her and her slave. Some things cannot nor should not be planned.

Freshening up after her cigarette, she slowly walked toward the room. Her high heel stilletos making a commanding sound for her slave to hear and anticipate. As she entered the room, she marveled at how the many candle lights bounced up and down his naked body. His wrists were clasped together attached to a chain from the ceiling. Arms fully extended above his head, he was almost suspended with his weight barely resting on the soles of his feet. He was totally vulnerable and anxious as he heard his Mistress approach the room.

She examined her beautiful slave as he squirmed and fidgeted with his wrist cuffs carefully balancing himself on his feet. He is now her blank canvas, her unfilled music sheet from which she will craft her artistic talents and fulfill her sadistic desires. She loved her slave for giving himself totally to her.

Mistress slowly walked around her slave, taking special notice of his clean shaven body and the anxious mood of her slave. With a crop in hand, she slowly caressed his body starting at his shoulders circling down his back to his ass.

“I am very pleased on how well you followed instructions. You have a beautiful body. I am looking forward to satisfying my sadistic delights. Are you ready slave?”, she whispered in his ear.

Mistress walked to the counter to grab a bottle of sensual oil, purchased by her slave for this occasion.

“I want my slave properly prepared for my masterpiece,” she exclaimed in a deep, sensual tone.

Mistress slowly lathered her slave with the intoxicating oil. The scent permeating in the air, making her slave light-headed. Mistress started at his chest, slowly caressing his nipples. He was getting very excited as evidence of his growing cock. She worked her way around his back and down to his smoothly shaved ass. Mistress spent more time on his ass making sure it was properly prepared and glistening. He stood on his tippy-toes extending his ass for her to have a better reach all around.

Mistress then returned to the front, staring into his eyes as she caressed all around his genitals. He was getting very excited and couldn’t help his raging hard-on bouncing into her thighs.
“You keep that away slave. I am not done with you yet,” she replied with a deep chuckle.

With those words, she reared back and gave his cock a sound slap. He groaned, feeling both pain and pleasure as he became fully erect.

“My slave loves his cock torture, doesn’t he?”, she said as she chuckled.

Mistress then gave ten successive slaps on his rock hard cock, turning it instantly red. Mistress stopped and gave his cock soft, sensual strokes with her oily hands.

 “Who’s cock does this belong to slave?”, she asked with a glint in her eyes.

 Before he could speak, Mistress gave another ten hard slaps to his suffering cock. He was in pain, but so turned on by her sadistic pleasure. His hips extended out, begging for his cock to be slapped more.

 “That’s right slave, if you present my cock to me for me to torture. you will keep that cock hard for your Mistress”, she stated in an even tone.

Mistress reared back and swung her arm around for a sound slap on the side of his cock. He clenched his teeth in pain, but was getting more turned on by her sadistic torture of his cock. He wanted  badly for her not to stop, knowing that it was her wish to cause more pain. Mistress continued to softly stoke his oily cock, followed by hard slaps until he had pre-cum forming on the tip of his head.

 “Ahhhhh…my little slave is getting excited,” she replied in a husky tone.

With her index finger, she caressed the tip of his head to gather the pre-cum and presented it to her slave. He immediately licked her finger clean, savoring every drop.

Mistress slowly walked away while her slave was still balancing himself on the soles of his feet.

“You keep my cock hard slave”, she whispered as she selected one of her favourite canes.

She came back facing him and presented the cane to his lips. He eagerly kissed and licked the cane of his greatest torture.

 “Good boy! Now, you know how much I love to torture you, don’t you? And you know how much it turns me on to see your ass tortured by my cane. How much do you love your Mistress?”, she asked with a sadistic smile on her lips. 

“I love my Mistress with all of my heart and soul. I beg my Mistress to take her sadistic delights on me. Please Mistress, please let me take the pain for your pleasure?”, he responded.

Mistress walked around to the back and positioned herself. She carefully examined his ass and how she wanted to mark him.

“Steady yourself slave! Are you ready? On the count of three…One…two…”, she commanded but before she counted three, a loud whack came across the middle of his ass.

His body instantly convulsed in pain from the force of her strike. Her eyes lighted up delighted at the effect on her loving slave. She reared back and gave five more whacks in quick succession in the same spot on his ass. He counted as best as he could with each stroke and thanked her gratefully on each one. But his ass was on fire now, and he was also busy enduring the lingering sweet pain. Mistress stepped back to admire the rising welts forming in the middle of his ass. His body was mesmorizing her since the shiny,oily body was capturing the dancing candle light that flickering in the room.

Mistress continued to work on his ass which caused the forming of  new and larger welts that covered the length of his ass cheeks. His head was constantly turned to see his Mistress, her face smiling in her sadistic pleasure as she continued to apply the strokes with increasing severity. Mistress stopped momentarily to check on her slave. Facing him, her nipples touching his, “Are you ready to continue pleasing your Mistress?”, she asked with desire burning in her eyes.

 “Yes Mistress, please Mistress” he responded as he extended his ass for her.

“Very good slave! I see you want to receive more punishment for your Mistress?”, she asked with a smile.

 “Yes Mistress, please!”, he responded in a pleading tone.

Mistress moved to the other side and planted her body. She gave ten more successive whacks forming new welts. She became so excited with the marks forming on his ass and his moans of pain that she wouldn’t stop. She gave ten more strokes with increasing severity. He was trying to breathe through the pain, but couldn’t help  the convulsing his body was displaying in trying to absorb her punishment.

“You keep my cock hard, slave” , she shouted as arousal grew. After ten more severe cane strokes, she stopped and faced her slave. He was exhausted, but also turned on. Despite the pain, he begged to kiss his torturer. She came closer allowing his raging cock to slide between her thighs.

 “Who do you belong to slave? Who does that cock belong to?”, she whispered as she tightened her thighs around his cock.

 “I belong to you Mistress.  This is your cock”, he desperately tried to reply still recovering from his punishment.

 Mistress slowly turned to his rear to admire her work. His ass had multiple stripes that were beautiful shades of purple and red, perfectly lined across his ass. It was a masterpiece and she was pleased. It was her best work to date.

“That ass is beautiful, slave.  I am so proud of you, but I still need to be amused”, she smirked,

 Not knowing what was coming next, he braced himself for another round of cane whacks.

 “No, no slave, I think that ass is ready for more pleasure”, she coldly replied.

 He immediately raised his ass ready to receive his Mistress’s next round of punishment.

“Oh Black Boy, can you come in please?”, she hollered to her other slave as she walked in front of him with a wicked grin on her face, knowing the rest of the evening would be an entertaining sight.