Ever find yourself caught in an impossible situation with your heart? Why is it necessary for your heart and mind to argue constantly about everything that happens in your life? Do they ever reach a logical conclusion or just a reasonable compromise?
At 41 years of age, I still can’t figure this out. Despite not being the brightest bulb in the box, my mind craves logical solutions to love and relationships. It is very quick to point out all the pro’s and con’s to whether taking any actions towards another person is a wise choice.
But my heart is the fry missing out of the happy meal box. It never fails to produce those lovely rock and a hard place situations. Foolish, stupid, and down right embarrassing words and/or actions follow when allowing it off the leash.  At that point, my mind is screaming like bullhorn. Making any attempt to halt possible damage, my mind tries to hog tie my heart. But it usually is like wrestling a pig in mud. My damn heart is too slippery which causes my mind to simply says fuck this and gets a beer.
So what eventually saves me, my attitude towards pain. Bring it on! I dig it! Nothing better than pain with pleasure so it all works out in the end! Or I’m really mental, so it doesn’t matter anyway, right?